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Last days of Tascaria
is a roguelike RPG set in the fantasy world of Tascaria.

Your choices will change how factions react, will alter encounters and will decide which one of the 6 endings you get.

Explore, fight, recruit and improve heroes while you unravel the mysteries of Tascaria!

The decisions you take will change both the adventure and the factions reactions.
Explore the world of Tascaria and travel to the Witchery Forest, the Ydur's Desert, the Grey Swamp, the Northern Mountains...
The depth of its real time pausable combat will put your skills to the test. Combine attacks, flank enemies and much more.



When you kill enough enemies in a fight the rest will run away.
So take advantage of this. Maybe there are very strong enemies that you can't defeat. Just make them run away!!
Tip: Some weapons can lower the morale of your enemies.

Choose your own adventure with 6 different endings
Depending on your choices both the story and the reaction of the factions will change

Deep real time pausable combat
Pause whenever you want during combat, give orders to your heroes, take your time to think your next move and coordinate the actions of your characters.
Flank enemies for extra damage while avoiding being flanked, use shields to block frontal attacks, and much more.

Combos and armour types
Some abilities and affects can be combined together to produce a stronger effect. For example: Use cold on soaked enemies and they will freeze.
Some attacks do extra damage depending on the target armor.
Lightning do extra damage vs Arrow armor and on wet targets, but fire will do less damage if the target is wet or has a Fire armor.

Instead of random results for encounters, you are equipped with Karma tokens. Use the good ones, and everything will be fine, but in the end you will use all of them, therefore you can't always win.

If all your heroes die, that's it. But you can recruit more heroes to make your group stronger.

Procedurally generated regions, different sides of the same story, varied unlockable heroes, weapons and abilities keep the game interesting on subsequent runs.


The seal that protected the ancient relics in Tascaria has been broken.
From now on all factions in Tascaria: Elves, Orcs, Snakemen and Undead will fight to get the relics and the power they provide.
Chalishae, a powerful sorceress, found one of the relics, The Book of the Dead. With that she commanded un army of Undead that made her almost invincible.
Defeat Chalishae and save Tascaria and its inhabitants from the darkness and chaos she has sown.
Time is running out!