-The Team-
Undeads King avatar
Bernardo González
Supreme Team Leader. For the last couple thousand years has been enslaving hordes of programmers to do his bidding. Adept at creating powerful spells, or as they are known in the Dark Tongue of Banking, "Software".

Banshee avatar
Maite González
Worlds developer. When she was human, she misled slaves to enter an undeads hell full of bugs. Now she's dammed to suffer the same destiny, but she finds some relief making demonic dance rituals to steal life from humans.

Medusa avatar
Jessica Encinas
Creator of artistic content and young witch apprentice. Her abilities are to convert the invisible in visible and to manipulate and materialize what others have in their minds. All you can see has been shapen by her.

Luis Marcos Rivera
Slave programmer. He lives enchained to his workstation. According to legend, when he gives a bug a hard look, it fixes itself, horrified. But some people have seen him using stackoverflow.

Armoured spectre avatar
Iván Folguera
Minion world builder, is dedicated to build or destroy the world at will. He likes trespassing other worlds to play with other minions, but nobody knows its origin or if what is under the armor is or was some time human.

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