Your enemies usually will not fight to the death. When they feel they are overpowered they run away!!

This happens when you kill enough enemies to low their leadership to a given point.

So take advantage of this. Maybe there are very strong enemies that you can't defeat. Just make them run away!!

Some weapons can lower the leadership of your enemies.

Tip: It's really difficult to make undeads run away.
Attacks and armour
Some attacks do extra damage depending on the target armour.
Lightning do extra damage vs Heavy armour and on wet targets, but fire will do less damage if the target is wet or has heavy armour.

Choose the right type of attack and try to find attack combinations.

There are four factions in the game: orcs, undead, elves and snakemen.

Each faction has it weaknesses and strengths.

Experiment with different strategies depending on your enemies and your team.

Tip: try to use each enemy weaknesses.
During the game you can pray to obtain blessings. Blessings allow clerics using powerful spells.
You can use blessings during Karma rolls to improve the result.

During the journey your heroes can learn multiple abilities.

Those abilities can be improved when your heroe levels up.

Tip: Some abilities have sinergies, take advantage of them in the battle.
Some weapons are better against specific enemies.

For example long swords are good against enemies with high dodge, as they are more precise, but you won't do much against a highly armoured enemy.

Tip: You shouldn´t try to use arrows to kill an skeleton, but maces are great for that.

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