• -Mage-

    Good at dealing with large groups setting them on fire.

    Her command of lightning makes her superb against enemies with heavy armours.

    The most powerful spells require gems to be casted, so try to have a good supply of them!

    She is pretty squishy, so you should try to protect her.

  • -Warrior-

    The warrior is adept at attracting the attacks from the enemy, protecting his allies while doing so.

    He can wield almost any melee weapon, giving him a lot of flexibiliy depending on the enemies he is facing.

    He is also the only character that can use a shield and heavy armour.

  • -Archer-

    The archer main role is damage dealing, directly and over time.

    He is not very good against enemies with shields, but can easily lay waste against unarmored foes.

    He has very good range, and he is able to use different types of arrows some with special effects.

  • -Priestess-

    The priestess can improve her allies abilities, their damage, speed, armour... or weaken her enemies.

    When you have blessings the cleric can use her most powerful spells. Summon an avatar of her god, water elementals, destroy undeads... Keep a good number of blessings and she will be unstoppable.

    She doesn't have heal spells!!

  • -Thief-

    A jack of all trades, he is proficient with some melee weapons, can throw daggers, poison enemies, use some spells...

    He is good at dodging attacks, so he can tank the enemies with big weapons, but he is not very durable.

    After learning assassination techniques, he can be really good at picking single targets.

    He is also the character that opens more options out of combat.


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