The Story

Five years ago, there was a war between elves, orcs and snakemen. During this war, Chalishae, one of the most powerful sorceress that ever existed, found The Book of the Dead. With this relic she defeated all the other armies and a peace treaty was signed. Every year the elves, orcs and snakemen pay their tribute to Chalishae and now Tascaria is a land at peace.

Now the Orcs have made a new deal with Chalishae. They will find relics for her and will not pay the tribute again. War is coming again to Tascaria.

Find out why Chalishae wants the Relics and save Tascaria from a new war or even destruction.

Elves, orcs and snakemen are scared of the power of Chalishae, but if they join forces they may be able to defeat her. Maybe you can be the heroe that manages to make all the factions work together.

Undeads don't pay tribute to Chalishae. Their leader, the King Of Undeads is long ago gone in his pursuit of knowledge. If you manage to find him, he can help you, as the victory of Chalishae will result in the destruction of all undead!!

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